Read this before building your website

digital strategy

There are so many ways a consistent digital strategy can help your business.

It can help you build relationships with your customers on social networks, sell online, find new customers or even keep current ones….

With so many available options, tools and tactics, it is very easy to lose focus. So before thinking of a digital strategy, grab a cup of coffee, sit down with yourself or with your team and answer this question:

Why do you want to be online?

By knowing exactly what goals you want to achieve online, you will set the right priorities and more importantly put the right plan in place.


Imagine you run a hair salon and SPA. You could use digital marketing to achieve the following objectives like:

  • Sell more premium services
  • Cut more people´s hair
  • Sell more beauty and hair products

Now that you know how important it is to set goals and objectives, let´s jump to the subject and start with the steps that will help you achieve digital success.

Build a website

The most important part of your digital strategy is to have a website that helps you achieve the goals. Those goals you set in the very beginning of the digital marketing strategy process.

In fact, it is not only the website that should help you achieve those goals, but every single aspect of digital marketing. All tactics, techniques, channels and tools should work as one towards achieving your business goals.

Think of a website like your own home on the Internet where you want visitors to do many things.

Start with building a website where you share information about your business such as opening hours, location, photos and videos that will attract customers to walk to your door, link to your social media accounts, etc.…

Developing a website that is consistent with your business goals and that reflect your brand mood and style isn´t easy.

The process consists in several steps and each one of them should be done well or your website won´t do its job in helping you reach your goals.

A well planned website is the cornerstone of a successful digital strategy. In fact, without a strong website that reflects both your brand and clearly formulate your unique offer value, your company performances won’t reach any good results.

At WAVAI, we create websites with WordPress. The most used Content Management System in the world and we do it well. Furthermore, we help you power up your online presence to reach all your goals.

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